Call for Paper: Doing Race and Gender in the Age of Uncertainties as East and South-East Asian (ESEA) Scholars: Emerging Themes and Theories, Reflections and Resistance   

Call for Paper: Doing Race and Gender in the Age of Uncertainties as East and South-East Asian (ESEA) Scholars: Emerging Themes and Theories, Reflections and Resistance  

Abstract Deadline: 5 August 2022  

Date: 13 September 2022 

Venue: Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK (CB1 2EW) 

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed an increase in academic interest and research on race, gender, and their intersections in the Global South. East and South-East Asian (ESEA) scholars have become an indispensable force in an unprecedented level and scope in ESEA community organising since the pandemic around the globe. However, systematic racism that ESEA communities have been experiencing and rallying against is far from being fully acknowledged in higher education institutions and the wider British society. Meanwhile, ESEA scholars also need to cautiously navigate their life and research in ESEA field sites as they may be marginalised and stigmatised out of their gender, sexuality, political orientations, or activism. Particularly, as with the increasingly rigid social-political context of ESEA and alongside the pandemic, ESEA scholars have faced rising precarities and uncertainties in Higher Education institutions, their fieldwork sites, the labour market, and broader social spheres.  


In such a context, this one-day in-person conference would like to highlight speakers from ESEA graduate academic communities and early-career researchers in the UK and EU who work, think, and reflect on gender and race during this age of uncertainties, regardless of their research contexts. Particularly, this conference endeavours to bring ESEA scholars from cross-disciplinary backgrounds together to theorise and disrupt racial and gender inequalities through their reflections and resistance.  

The conference comprises a research discussion forum (paper presentations), practice-oriented roundtable discussions and interactive workshops. We welcome abstract/proposal submissions of ESEA scholars from all stages on the following topics: 

  • Methodology, positionality, ESEA scholars’ fieldwork  
  • Pedagogy, classroom/university and ESEA scholars’ teaching experience  
  • ESEA scholars’ activities and actions of doing race and gender studies  
  • Transnational Circulation, Globalisation and Transnationality in ESEA Race and Gender Studies   
  • Affect, Agency and Negotiations in ESEA Race and Gender Studies   
  • Feminist Networks, Communities and Practices in ESEA  
  • ESEA Reflections and Resistance   


The abstract/proposal (300 words) submission deadline is 5 August 2022Please send your abstract/proposal, name and affiliation to Email: . The notification of acceptance will be sent until 12 August 2022. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch:) 

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