Research group for the Study of the Politics in the Non-European World

is a freely cooperating team, composed of both the staff of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and other academic institutions in the Czech Republic. As the name implies, the changing research topic is political (as well as social and economic) processes in the world, which were although Europe was deformed at various stages of its development, but which has different developmental paths. Until recently, developments in this part of the world were considered to be almost exotic, sometimes supposedly incomprehensible, to standard methods of the social sciences, or even directly “anomalous.” Nevertheless, given the fact that the absolute two populations of our planet do not live in Europe and the territories derived from it (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, two USA), it is understood that the anomalies are developments in Europe. The place needs to explain what is happening in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, and (individually) in Latin America as a situation of deviations, specifics, temporary backwardness, “roads somewhere”, etc., we try to understand these regions as an entity, choose political dynamics is “normal” and “understandable.”
In addition, due to their demographic weight, growing economic power, but also environmental problems, poverty and violence, these regions are becoming increasingly important not only for intellectual interest but also for practical policies. Many of the phenomena that occur today in the countries of the North, whether we consider them positive or positive, often long ago or recently, occur in the countries of the so-called South. Whether it is populism, electoral legitimized autocracies, identity politics, separatism or general uncertainty about the appropriateness of a given political establishment. Duterte, Modi or Bolsonaro are politicians very often mentioned in connection with actors from the so-called first world. To understand what is happening in the wider world is to understand oneself.


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