Once a year, a semestral seminar is offered for both MA and PhD. students. Topics and lecturers alternate, and the methodology seminars are focused on diverse aspects of reseacrh into non-European cultures and inter-cultural communication.


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Research methods for area studies

The OSGA oraginizes a seminar on „qualitative methods“ (winter term) and „quantitative methods“ (summer term).

The course focuses on:

  • Gain an understanding of the inter-relationships between theory and research design and between theory and data collection and analysis.
  • Gain a more informed and critical understanding of methodological approaches to the study of the region.
  • Acquire a working, practical knowledge of key methodological tools
  • Have a critical knowledge of social science debates on the relevance and utility of these methods to the study of the region.
  • Improve the ability to critically evaluate academic scholarship and other texts produced from different disciplinary traditions or from inter-disciplinary approaches with reference to the region – so be able to better assess the robustness of the knowledge that others have produced.
  • Improve skills in writing and in the presentation of information and argument.
  • Develop awareness of the qualities of good research design and good research practice as preparation for MSc/MPhil thesis and for further advanced research on the region.
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