Latin America

The Cold War Research Group is dedicated to Latin America, as one of the secondary scenes of the US-USSR conflict. At the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, this region is traditionally studied and taught at the Center for Ibero-American Studies (SIAS).

Within SIAS, researchers focus on historical aspects of the continent’s development, including its pre-Columbian past (especially M. Brenišinová and M. Křížová), in which SIAS is unique in the Czech context, as well as in the study of mutual relations between the Czech space and Latin America. J. Opatrný, S. Binková and L. Perutka). The latest political developments in the region are mainly monitored by R. Buben (member of the ISSR and coordinator of the Group for the Study of Politics in the Non-European World).

As part of more popular analyzes of the latest development of the region, created at the ISSR, let us mention R. Bubno’s texts on what was happening in Bolivia in 2019 ( i-bez-nej /) or an analysis of the tense Nicaraguan situation (, already written by R. Buben with K Koubou (UHK).

Both authors also submitted an analysis of the relative robustness of Daniel Ortega’s government to the impact magazine Revista de Ciencia Política (published in Chile). Radek Buben then regularly comments on Latin American events in a number of Czech media, among others he recently appeared at ČRo Vltava together with František Kalenda in an extensive discussion on the authoritarian past of Latin America ( -sveta-8163379? fbclid = IwAR2hpnUIdd5IBEjZN-q_OR1k85-Gutd17GhND7vvVDw6GDtjHX1b64NhmPA).

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