Middle East

At CU FA, the Middle East is a traditional field of research, both synchronously, especially at the Department of the Middle East, where specialists work in Turkey, Israel, Iran and Arabic-speaking countries from Iraq to Morocco, and diachronicly, focusing on the ancient Middle East. Institute of Comparative Linguistics, Czech Institute of Egyptology and Institute of Classical Archeology.
In addition to Arabic, Turkish, Persian and modern Hebrew, we also have specialists in other languages and areas.
Within the research teams, the research team of the Asia Religion Research Group, led by Marek Zemánek, is dedicated to this area, especially to Islam and its role in the world and in Europe and the relationship between religion and the state in strategic regions. The Collective Memory Research Group focuses also the problem of collective memory and issues of genocide and conflict, for example in Turkey. The Middle East, as one of the main venues of the Cold War, is also the topic of Jan Koura’s team.
Also the popularization platform Atlas of Modern World is part of the general picture at CU FA.

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